How come most of the time when some mods post stuff and harass other users, it does not get taken down?

I was harassed by a mod on this site, and I had to block 2 so far. Its been established that they are just like everyone else so why is gag magically slow to address harassment issues by mods? And I even had a mod message me requesting me to unblock a user who harassed me. How pathetic

I understand that admins can only remove stuff


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  • You can report moderators the same way you report regular users. I have hidden other moderator's posts before and the posts were removed.


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  • Wondering how long it will take before this gets reported/hidden/removed.

    Agree with you. Yet, there are some awesome mods out there!

    Don't let the few change your view on all mods.

    • It shouldn't be hidden, it is only hidden if it talks about a certain post being removed or about one certain mod.

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    • Yea he is cool

    • (☆▽☆) Thank you for MHG

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  • They seem to like you. But when you don't seem to give them enough attention , they take revenge.

  • They have powers.
    Power is everything in media. It's sad but true.


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  • I dunno, dude :/ I haven't seen anything but I guess the best thing to do would be to report it and maybe message another mod that you like and tell them? I'm not sure we can remove something for harassment though, not unless it's insulting or offensive.