Are you a friendly person to a new person on gag and welcome them?

When someone is new on gag man or women I always send them a welcome message. This is what I write hi and welcome to gag. I just think it's polite so I am wondering do you gag people do this too?

  • Rican I welcome them with my arms open
  • Why should I? I really don't care
  • Only sometimes
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  • Good idea. I don't formally greet them, but now I will start. Quite often I send them a request to answer one of my questions.

    • Thanks :-)

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    • Thanks for the MHO, guapa.

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  • Great idea, Cousin @RicanEyes!!
    I will "Welcome a new Gagger with Open Arms" when I have Answered a Question They may have asked. However, my Bad that I do not Make it a Good Habit to Get into, by Messaging them, unless they Ask me to, Especially a Level One, hun, because they are Not Allowed to Do it First.
    Thank you for the Great advice with my Own manners. I Recall and All a Few years back, when a Special Guy Gagger, who is Sadly now Gone, had Reminded all of Us to "Thank Someone" for giving MHO, and ever Since then, this Stuck in my Mind where at this Time, I always even Say "Thank you for the Like" when Someone has "Liked me."xx

  • I base my interactions on what I learn about the person first in their initial interactions with me. Besides, I wouldn't know where to look for a list of new joiners. Lol.

    • Lol! Well sometimes I come across them by mistake. I see they answer on someones post saying there new.

  • that would have been nice when i was new

    there's so many people here though it's hard telling who's new. i often only notice someone new once they hit XPER 5 or so. i'm also not here enough to message or comment a lot. so the least i can do is always try answering their question directly.

    • I just think it's a sweet thought and a friendly one just to say welcome to gag. It is hard at times knowing who's new or not. I usually bump into them by mistake at times. LOL :-)

  • i mostly welcome them that's it

  • I don't message them but I am nice when somebody writes to me.

  • I am very friendly with anyone unless they disappoint me or say something offensive to me. :)

    • Even if people disappoint me I still be nice to them but from a far.. lol! :-P

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