Is there any way of not receiving GAG System's messages inviting you to give your opinion on certain questions or MyTakes?

I don't know how these particular questions are chosen either, but I would like to not receive such messages.
Sure I don't receive them too often, but I would like to not receive them at all.
Sorry, I cannot find an option under settings for these.

I must being punished for this question because now I get this sort of message everyday...


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  • If you are on an advice site, why can you object to people asking you to answer their questions? This isn't like a private message or sending you naked pictures, and you are free to ignore the request. Often I don't even have time to notice the request. It comes on the live feed with all my friends' questions, and I don't even notice.

    It doesn't take up any of your time, so why is receiving these requests a problem for you?

    You could always just go anonymous, like the majority of the users, if it really bothers you! No one would invite you if you were always anonymous.

    • I thought you're a big advocate of people not going anonymous and actually against them?
      But well, my question is regarding private messages sent by the GAG system itself, not from anyone in particular. It doesn't take too much from my time, but it's annoying and I would rather not having to deal with it.

    • Oh, private messages are not thing, they are distracting. But the requests to answer a question come over live feed and are quite easily ignored, they aren't distracting to anyone.

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  • Nope, they're just sent out with no setting to change that.


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  • I use to get them but not anymore, not sure why

    • I would email them

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    • The option of not receiving notifications from GAG, right?
      I have that box unchecked since the beginning!
      Maybe I will have to contact the administrator, yes. Thank you!

    • Maybe it needs to be checked so you don't get any, I have so many checked and unchecked that I'll have to see which way I have it

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  • go the Settings tab
    under the part where it says "Conversations" unclick being invited
    same with "Community" unclick receiving notifications from GaG

    • Actually they were both already unclicked prior to receiving that message. Maybe I can unfollow GAG? Haha.

  • is it from people you're following?

    • No, it's private messaging from the GAG system itself :/

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