Is gag hiding ads after you've answered 20 questions?

It keeps telling me "congratulations. You've posted 20 opinions and won't see ads for 24 hours" but they never stop. It's driving me crazy with all these ads! Does anyone else have this problem?


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  • It's 20 opinions = no ads.
    BUT when your first opinion you posted has been more than 24 hours, it then starts counting down.

    That's what I found. It's not 24 hours from the moment you get that post. It's 24 hours from the first opinion of those 20 opinions.
    I got that post several times (before I reached level 7), and then 5 opinions later I'd get it again, which was perhaps 1-2 hours later.

    • Oh! That makes so much sense as to what's going on!

    • I'm glad, I read back what I wrote after I wrote it like "is this even legible!" aha.

      But that was what I found and it makes the most sense!
      Thanks for MHG

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  • If you've posted 20 Opinions, you shouldn't see any ads for the following 24 hours. If it's not working, we can definitely look into it! Can you tell me what device and browser you are using?

    • Yeah that was the issue I was having. They fixed it after I posted this question lol. I'm on an lg g4 with chrome.

    • Ah, okay. Lol Well we will keep an eye on it then and if it happens again, just let me know. :)

    • Thanks honey

  • it's supposed to be incentive until you reach level 7, which is ad free
    another GaG glitch?

    • Yes I think it was but they just fixed it after I posted this question lol

  • Yes they have been doing that for quite some time now. Gives the lower level Gaggers a break from the ads.

  • *cough-ad-blocker-cough*
    Hopefully it's fixed now?

  • Yeah

  • Yes! It's very annoying!!