Tag a GAGGer that you would like to thank for thanksgiving?

So I wanted to tag @kaylaS91 .. she is a great friend and has made my 2016 very special. I want to thank @thisdudehere for being such a stud and giving me workout advice. I also want to thank @waffles731 for having identical political views and sharing his knowledge with me. I want to thank all my pink anon fans. I want to thank @sjeggy for talking to me about deep feels. Much love boyos.

Oh and @Elissadido for motivating me to keep my virginity.


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  • @diaperfetishguy everytime I change a diaper now I'll think of you.
    @hairsguy showed me the beauty of smooth and no hairs #ew

    Id also like to give a big shoutout to @betabasementdwellerfucks you taught my vajay how to be come dryer than the Sahara desert


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  • I want to thank @Triss @SoFeckinAddicted @thisdudehere and @RJGraveyTrain for pretty much being the reason I go on this site.

    @Chico_brah Most of all for being literally the only person I follow haha! Practically everything this guy says is the shit!

    • Chico I got a question. Do you think weight machines are bullshit?

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    • @SoFeckinAddicted Same, I don't want to turn off the notification because the whole reason I follow someone is because most of their posts are good. lol which reminds me. . .

    • So my posts are good... babyyy😜😘😘😘

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  • I'd like to thank chico_bae for being funny
    I'd like to thank toad for blocking me
    I'd like to thank luc for making me choke of laughter
    I'd like to thank steve for being the yoda to my luke
    I'd like to thank rgboobs for being rgboobs
    I'd like to thank cisscum in advance for coming back if he ever does 😒
    I'd like to thank yumix for being an all around nice guy
    I'd like to thank autumn-bunny for being so adorbs and funny
    I'd like to thank triss for being a delight
    I'd like to thank theo for being extra sweet
    And finally, I'd like to thank redeye for all the shit she's taught me ❀️

  • I'm not into tagging people so.. even though Thanksgiving in my homeland took place way back in mid-October. Being in the spirit of thankfulness nonetheless, I'm happy that the 2-3 weeks of hell, where I've got multiple reports due/exams to write/presentations to give, are just a week short from being done with. πŸ™

  • Thanks Tony for making me fall on ground from laughing
    Thanks Luci for being my first girl friend in here when i was covered by nerd dudes
    Thanks Mikayla for teaching me to not always be a bitch
    Thanks Asha for your advices and your memes (recently)
    Thanks Paul for sending me 36 links of songs within 5 min
    Thanks Hazar for making me fall in love after i swore i hate all males
    Thanks Renzo for making me drip down there everytime i see your profile pic
    Thanks Tim for bursting the bubble with your memes everytime you come boyoπŸ˜‚
    Thanks Onion for leaving and making me miss you man hope you ok
    Thanks Redeye for teaching me so many things I really appreciate it
    Thanks Rachel for making me hate my boobs
    Thanks Steve for your awesome memes lmao
    Thanks Omar for being close to me everytime i feel like shit
    Thanks Subhi for being my one and only dood or food
    Thanks yumix for your computeric services that you made to me
    Thanks Schroding for having a big mouth or fingers
    Thanks dude for protecting her
    Thanks toad for the good laughs and blocks man also the coward feels ayyy
    Thanks ivoirian girl for blocking me even tho i have no fuckin idea who u are
    Thanks Triss for never letting me fail in this fucked up life
    Also thanks to my best friend who fucked up my phone (RIP)
    HAPPY Thanksgiving

  • I want to thank myself for being myself.
    I want to thank @OrdinaryGentleman for never asking me to stop adding "roni" to the end of his name XD
    I want to thank that dude I'm constantly am voicing my opinion under his opinions for being so cool about it and even being cool about me wanting to add him to my hypothetical zombie apocolapse team bc I ASSumed he was good with guns. I'm happy he can see I'm not simply trying to be an ass, even though we have super different opinions on like everything and it probably seems like it.
    I want to thank MyLifebelike... guy for making me laugh EVERY time I see his username

    • Eh you cuck
      Stop adding roni at the end of my name, you are hurting my safe space

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    • so... ya know... stop your wifu frm cheating you sloot

    • @OrdinaryGentleman I know what cuckold is, Robert Baratheon *cough cough*
      Lol, it's such a sad insult though. Call me something real bad >: D "You can't eat a lot!" Yes, me can D': <

  • I hate you OP πŸ˜‚My sister is sleeping and I just brust out laughing and woke her upπŸ˜‚πŸ˜’πŸ˜‚
    You really want to get me in trouble!!! Haga

    Anyways I want to thank you for motivation me on doing rear gloot spreads!!!

  • I wanna thank me for existing

  • me no americano

  • I'd like to tag @colourz for stalking me and then calling me ugly after I rejected him Lmao

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    • I'm serious! This dude had two accounts and he followed me on both of them. He kept messaging me and I thought he seamed familiar so I asked what he looked like and he was the same the same guy that followed me on another account. He's the one that asked questions about me.

    • @Beatifulboy I don't have a pic because there is some really creepy people on here. I'm not insecure over that. I don't even know him, I don't find him attractive, and I have a boyfriend. Why would I worry about his comment?

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