Can GAG PLEASE stop doing this? Do you actually enjoy receiving messages from them?

Not too long ago, I answered a question someone had asked about how to turn off emails from GAG. I jinxed myself by saying that I don't get those emails and that it might have to do with his settings. Now, they send me an email EVERY DAY. It's always "Hey there! Add an opinion and join the conversation in these great, hot questions." Half of those questions they recommend are about sex, so I don't think it is very appropriate to send them to a 15 year-old.

These emails are incredibly annoying. I don't wish to be invited to ANY questions or have any of them recommended to me. On this website, I find questions that I like and answer them. I don't need them to be shown to me. In fact, I haven't clicked on a single link they have sent to me. Please, GAG, stop with this nonsense. You could at least make the messages optional or allow people to opt out of them.

  • I agree. I'm sick of them!
  • Oh shush. The messages are great. Stop complaining.
  • What messages?
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What Guys Said 2

  • Most annoying thing ever.
    If I want to look at the question or whatever I will but telling to look at these selections , why and when did this become advertising?

  • A nuisance yea.


What Girls Said 1

  • Yeah, all the questions and polls on here about this issue points to the fact that the "Add an opinion on _______" should be an option on notifications to receive.