Has anyone here disabled the mention feature in their settings option?

Im seriously considering doing it


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  • From what I hear the only people who do that are those Leftists who can't stand to have their opinions challenged, does that fit the bill? If so, disable the mention feature.

    • I know you are an idiot troll but im going to feed you anyways. Its an actual feature.

    • @ikissedtheskyonce I'm not even trolling. The only reason I am continuing this current discourse is to ensure you realize that I am not trolling. I don't know the circumstances of your situation or why you might want to remove the tagging feature, but I assume it's because some disagrees with you and is possibly saying mean things about your opinions, as per most cases of people going AWOL. Though if you are genuinely being harassed or abused I feel for you, and that is a serious thing that needs to be taken care of. I just hope we can all be adults here and not take GAG as the be all and end all of human discussion. Which it is not.

    • I genuinely get attacked by random legit psychos on here

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  • Under the settings tab, under the "Privacy Settings" title there's an option titled "Don't allow other users to @ mention me".

    • I know about the feature, thats why i asked this question if anyone has uses it. I believe you misread the question

    • Yeah, I did. I did try it for a little while but it became frustrating having to keep checking questions where I was talking to someone in the comments of someone else's opinion.