Is G@G racist against Trolls?

Why is G@G and the community have so much hate for Trolls?

They are constantly harassed by the G@G nerd task force being reported for simply expressing their opinion. Opinions that the nerd task force doesn't agree with based on their personal opinions and can't stand other's ideas so they choose to silence them.

Being flagged for spam, nonsense, explicit bla bla bla. You know what I mean, both questions and opinions. These people on here with labels and badges next to their names are no better than law enforcement that go around shooting and harassing innocent people for no reason!

Even worse they label the individuals as "Trolls" which is completely rude. When you call someone a troll images like this are the first to come to mind.

Is G@G racist against Trolls?Those people choosing to express their opinions do not look like this! They are just as human as you and I but you still wish to label them as such. Those people you call trolls can be your mom, sister, brother, or even your friend.

So what they think differently than you? You shouldn't go around name calling because that just makes you a hypocrite.

It's time to make a stand against Troll hatred! #TrollLivesMatter #StopTheHate

  • Completely racist, they are worse than the KKK!
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  • No, they are fair and just
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  • Depends on the troll really... and there doesn't seem to be a solution for all of them. Some trolls can be really funny and not cause problems. Others are simply rude and offensive way too often. However, that being said, many times, there are posts that should or should not be removed and the opposite is done.


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  • It's because of corporate Stalinism.. They label troll that are deemed political incorrect. They are part of the liberal agenda with an aim of doing white genocide.

    • It's their pathetic attempt to silence us people who knows the truth.. Liberal race traitors

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    • @juliaanita
      Race traitor.

    • humanity traitor.
      decency traitor.
      embrace your ignorance-it's all you have

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  • Just one more trolling expedition.

  • Racist =/= discrimination. Trolls aren't here to share their opinion, but to piss people off. They are purely being a nuisance, hence they are generally disliked and regularly get reported.


  • Trolls are a race?

  • good read

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