Guys, is this true too?

this is something i read on a website that caught my eye...
statement made from one girl: "i've noticed when dudes online want to say "i like thin girls" they actually say " i like a girl who takes care of herself". hideous euphemism."

response from another girl :"i've noticed that but they should just say "no one over size 2/4/6" b/c it's just offensive to suggest that you "don't take care of yourself" b/c you are a larger size. right, b/c fat women don't bathe, do their hair or makeup, dress nicely, or exercise. they know fully well that they could give a damn how someone is thin, and if it comes from chain smoking or purging they are fine as long as the "package" comes in is small. ignoring that a lot of thin/average sized people (not all but a lot) are that way not because they are superior eater, better exercisers, more active, but because they were lucky enough to have a good metabolism and bone structure that tends toward the thinner."

then another response: " you're not the only one that notices that little trick. that line use to drive my cousin crazy when she looked at online profiles. especially when it's paired with "i want a girl that likes to eat" .

any objections?
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i'm gonna lie to be nice and say no
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i'm gonna deflect and mention women even though the question is about men
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this is kinda true
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don't shame me, i like cute women!!!
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Guys, is this true too?
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