What exactly are the standards that Mytakes get promoted based on them?

I rarely post anything nowadays. the last time I posted a take was nearly a year ago.

Now I posted a take a week ago and went offline for nearly a week, just to return yesterday to see it wasn't even promoted. A take of mine from two years ago I think instead was promoted and I had two new opinions on it which was surprising.

It was mostly copy and paste from a few articles here and there to show you that unlike how Media abuses our image, many of us Jews, especially Zionists, aren't against Trump, and certainly aren't against Steve Bannon who's the chairman of one of the most Pro-Israel Pro-Jew news networks. And on the whole with the parts I wrote it took me a little more than an hour to write and post it. So it's not really a big deal for me, not a big loss. If I spent a week studying studies and posted them then I would be pissed off if this happened.

But I still feel very disappointed. Because it was relatively well written. I see takes that are complete bullshit get promoted. Takes that are literally insulting everyone calling everyone "Morons" in their main titles and repeating "Fuck you" again and again get promoted.

Look at this. This take got promoted:

An insignificant crappy short message full of images of Trump's daughter, when the poor girl was a little innocent girl in the arms of her father. Lamely trying to send a message with his perverted mind.

Didn't my take meet this take's standards at least, to get promoted to get some views?

What exactly are those standards? because I certainly can't see any defined standards.


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  • I've not read your latest take but since it's coming from you, it must be well written. Offensive or not? Dunno.

    Although, there are no preset standards as the content is promoted by the administrator's own free will, we have certain ways to get our take promoted :-
    ●Keep it short. Nobody likes to read long essays.
    ●Use paragraphs and pictures to make an impression of being a short article.
    ●Be controversial (even tho the content suck)
    ●Write on trending topics.
    ●Use beautiful pics.
    ●Lure users to your take. Short, bold, clickbait titles are appreciated.

    This is business. They don't promote the things based on the quality of the article but whether it can get them clicks or not. That's why they are not called as 'articles', but 'myTakes' instead as they are informal, short, bold, personal etc.

    His take was controversial, bold and had pics to amuse or annoy people that's why it was promoted.

    • well I think it would make people click. It wasn't too short, but wasn't hard to read. seen longer takes getting promoted. It was about a News Network not rocket science. doesn't matter though.

  • You like Trump and are Zionist,
    You realize his Secretary of defence pick believe that we should support a two state solution because the current policy is just apartheid

    • I don't "like" Trump, never did. I'm not against him. And Zionists aren't all against two state solution. I don't care if his ministry of defence criticised Israel. in Israel we have political parties in the Knesset that are against the very existence of the state of Israel and freely express themselves. Everyone is free to criticize us. That is the essence of free speech and democracy.

      Compared to what was in the past 8 years this White House will be much better for Israel. Trump's advisers on foreign policy and specifically Israel matter most. And they are better than before.

    • Secretary of defence*

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  • I guess Hot Topics, things that are going on irl

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