What is this influencer thing all about?

I've just noticed it on a member. Can anyone tell.


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  • Here you go, from the GaG FAQ page:

    Topic Influencers are members of our community who have a high MHO%, ask engaging questions, and have high overall interaction in certain topics on the site. These members have been identified as helpful, knowledgeable, or simply post interesting content about specific topics.

    When a Topic Influencer asks a question or posts a myTake in their designated topic, the post will automatically be promoted and featured on the site. Similarly, when a Topic Influencer posts an opinion to a question in their Topic, their opinion will appear at the top of the default sorting list for their gender. These members can also add their social media accounts to display on their profiles!

    Topic Influencers' posts will be marked with a purple Influencer badge next to their username.

    • Yes i clicked on your take and was actually going to ask you, then saw the link to tell me what i wanted to know.

    • well, there you go!

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  • I know you already got your answer from BeeNee which you could find out here: https://www.girlsaskguys.com/faq#145

    From what I've seen, I kind of think that being active is crucial for this. No matter what your MHO% is, how many questions or myTakes you posted on certain topics (& don't get me started about quality), I think the user must be pretty active in the last few months. But then again, some users like Bobair is also an influencer even thought he's not active. The whole thing is petty vague.


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  • Certain members of the community have been given this badge to note that they are more helpful in specific topics listed on G@G. So if you see the "Influencer" badge on a certain question, that means that, that person typically provides useful, interesting responses on that topic.


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