'How Do I look?' Topic needs photos previews to return?

It used to be so easy to go on the How Do I Look? Topic section and post on my phone.
When I clicked 'read more', the photo would appear on the home page without having to click into the question and I could comment as well.
Now, we have to click into the question and then go back to the HDIL Topic to answer another one. What a pain/waste of time.

Could we implement this again?


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  • It's like that for all of the topics, not just HDIL. I agree, though. It was much easier to browse and answer questions when we could preview and answer that way instead of opening the question fully.


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  • How do I look needs something else. To put a limit to people who ask questions there every week. Like 3-4 times per year is enough in my opinion.

    • Agree on the limit, but 3-4 a year is maybe Too limited, don't you think? I'd say 10-15, to be honest.. 😅

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    • Thanks!

    • No problem! 👍

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  • use the G@G. The photos and video show as you scroll through the questions.

    it makes G@Ging easier. 👍