Who do you think is the most impressive person on GAG?

I think @redeyemindtricks is the most impressive person on girlsaskguys. I asked a question on google and read one of her responses. She is the one who got me to register and make an account on here. Her answers sometimes make me think I'm reading a professionally written article rather than an opinion. Her opinions are always long, but keep you interested. Everyone knows why she is respected on here. There are a couple of others that are pretty impressive overall people.

@Olderandwiser worked as an attorney and seems extremely intelligent. He seems like he is a good overall rational person that has a lot of wisdom to share. He's very humble and he doesn't mind calling people out on things. That must be his inside attorney side coming out. He has a good sense of morals.

@Chico_brah I like a lot. Despite his trolling, he seems very intelligent and and has a pretty impressive background that speaks for itself. He provides really great answers when he actually tries. If he wasn't so in your face about everything then I think people on here would respect him more. I can sort of see his soft side come out sometimes which always make me smile.

@Godsmacked3 has some really interesting points of view on certain topics. I'm always fascinated to see his opinion show up on my feed. Very caring person and has a lot of wisdom. He is a teacher from my understanding as well. What better person than to teach wisdom on gag?

I'm positive that there are more people on here as well but I don't log in very often. I sort just observe as well. Let's try and keep this question positive and start knocking people.


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  • I usually don't participate in this type of question... but here we go ;-)
    I have great respect for @jacquesvol as well as @redeyemindtricks. I think it's cool we have some older people here who can sometimes give us a different perspective. I also have respect for them because they both engage in heated debates without ever showing any aggression themselves - something I personally always strive towards but not always succeed at (this goes especially for jacquesvol, who participates quite a lot in political debates like myself).

    Furthermore, I also like @ElissaDido for her great inputs when it comes to islam and her ability to give us "westerners" (excuse me for the bad word choice) a different perspective. She's perhaps the best example on this website that there are also many muslims or North Africans who are well-educated and well-informed and don't fit into the stereotypical view that every North African or Arab person is automatically a terrorist.

    Last but not least, I also like @Mesonfielde and @bubble_tea, though I haven't read anything from the latter in a very long time. I also like the Irish guy a lot - we all do I think. I forgot his username unfortunately.

    One reason I usually don't participate in these kind of questions is that I tend to find myself confused quite often about my own status here. On the one hand, I get very rarely mentioned. There are a lot of people who seem to resent me, the reason for which I don't quite know. On the other hand, I am one of the users with the highest MHO-percentage, especially if you consider my level. So people seem to like my answers but not me... or else I don't know how to explain that dilemma ;-)


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  • There were 2 people from the old gag. One of them is still here under a different name, another has disappeared.

    1. His old username was Janson. His username is now @negrodamus dude, know that I have not forgotten your nice gesture. He sent me a tgif gift card or something when I posted a question on being really depressed. He exchanged all those xpers to give me this gift card.
    2. Since i don't live in the US and could not use the gift card, I decided to regift it to someone who also left a good impression on me. With Janson's permission of course. He was this guy who has so many medical problems, dwarfism I guess was also one of them. He had been in and out of hospitals, in wheelchairs, I just could not begin to imagine how life is for him. Especially when it comes to dating. Must be really tough. Life had really been a jerk to him. Yet he is probably the kindest soul I have encountered on gag, his words were always soft and encouraging. He was a survivor and a fighter and an inspirational person for me. I don't know what happened to him now. I haven't seen his picture in years. I can only hope nothing bad happened.
    3. Oh and @genericname85, my best bro. You're sort of my rock. Thanks for being my rock.

    • Hmm, apparently that was not his current username. Old gagers, if you know Janson's current name, feel free to tag him

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    • ohhh sorry, i actually thought you were talking about genericname85 lol. nah i don't know the other guy. I hope he's living large though. If he ain't spending loads of time on gag, its probably a good sign :) As for my family situation, it was actually because my mom passed from cancer, so i had to take some time off and all that. But i've pretty much fully recouped so its all good. But im glad you're okay. You're still always free to message me as well if you need someone

    • @Negrodamuss oh, so sorry for your mom. She's not suffering anymore though, right? Either he's busy living life, or something bad happened to him due to all his health problems. He had heart conditions as well if I remembered correctly...

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  • Lol. I keep hearing about this soft side of mine. Anyways, I'm glad you like some of the content I post on GAG. Appreciate the mention so thank you.

  • So bassically who are the most intelligent users..

    One of my top picks left but periodically returns under different usernames. (.. bcromartie)

    Two more (guy and a girl) who prefer to stay out of the limelight so I will respect that by not tagging them.

    I agree on redeyemindtricks, but would also add: pnl86, kinstrome, nalaa, hellionthesage, fromashes, and mroracle.

  • I appreciate your very kind words!

  • The first user that came to my mind is:
    I like how he really thinks and analyzes what the asker is talking about. Imagines the situation, and figures out how to help the asker using a very detailed and easy to read/understand description. Seems to have a lot of life experience which relates to the questions he answers.

    • Wow o. O Thank you. I honestly just try my best to put my thoughts down without them being completely garbled. There are some great people on here who give some really sound advice. I'm here to learn too.

  • I pick...
    And sorry if I forgot to mention you if any of you gaggers are reading this.

  • Honestly? I don't think there's anyone impressive on here. There's cool people, but impressive? None.

  • It has to be @Paris13.

    • @dogbert444 Thank you so much, and it is Friends like yourself, who have Kept me Motivated in every Way every Day for nearly 3 years Here, dear.
      Hugs and Kisses to you and Freya xx

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    • @Paris13 *blush crimson* LOL!! Thank you!

      Sorry! Bed time here. Hard day tomorrow. :-/

    • lol Sweet dreams, dear, and to Freya too, @dogbert444 xx

  • The girl who writes the stories and asks us what we think of the characters' actions...

  • Yeah, @redeyemindtricks has to be on the list, also @Negrodamuss and @Cosytoasty

  • @Godsmacked3

    That's about it.

  • Add @sweetshyguy to the list โ˜บ

  • It's me.

  • It's Me.

  • @kaylas91 fo sho

    • awe thankyou. :)
      (&lol at all the haters who don't have the balls to speak their minds about why they may disagree with you, even with the safety of hiding behind the safe anonymity of their computer screens.)

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    • @kaylaS91 Hmm.. personally, I don't remember myself name calling anyone especially you, but I can understand about overwhelming notifications and other people calling you names. Well, whatever makes you happy. It's your account, your choice.

    • @YourFutureEx overwhelming notifications, people calling me names..
      okay? don't get how that backs up your point that I allegedly 'had so many other people blocked (inc me), but you unblocked them for one reason or another.'

      Choose one or the other, or say nothing at all. ๐Ÿ‘Œ

  • Jooci looci is the most impressive.


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