Could you name one extraodinary person on GAG?

Thank you :-)


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  • Thanks for A2A!

    Considering we have thousands of users and I'm following more than a hundred, it would be prejudice to name just one and leave the rest.

    There are a lot of extraordinary people, it's ridiculously difficult to name just one. Everyone has certain qualities. Even you're extraordinary OP.

    I'd ecstatically name a specific user if you really want an answer but you have to assist me. Maybe you could ask me about a distinct quality or trait and I'll tell you who I find the paragon for that?

    • Okay, let me think about it and I would get back to you :-)

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    • Ah yes, how could you be filial to me lol

      @ThisDudeHere - 馃憡

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  • there's some good people here
    but no one extraordinary
    because they all have a downside that removes them from that category


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