Do you think GAG needs an alpha police to weed out fake alphas?

There have been too many people on here who aren't alphas but are branding themselves as such. It pains me to see so many people being mislead into thinking that there are plenty of alphas on gag when most of these so called "alphas" are just nerds who wouldn't know their trapezius from their orbicularis oculi.

In any case, a gag alpha police would function to find such individuals and deport them from gag. In addition, a virtual wall would be built (by billing the fake alphas) to keep them out.

So, do you support having a gag alpha police force or not?

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  • Kind of silly, who cares if they think it as long as they aren't trying to push it on you and say they are. I'm not an alpha male nor do I try to portray it


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  • Well we all know who'd be head of the force...

    • So far he's the only real alpha that I've seen on here so ya he prob would be head

    • Yeah same OP.
      There used to be a few more alphas around, but they deactivated.

    • ahahahahahhahaha

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  • Lol! Where did you get this idea from? I am dying to know. I'll support it though! I'm beta as f**k!

    • Was brainstorming ways on how to help gag be better
      I think we need to make GAG alpha again

    • Only thing that comes to mind is constant alpha male Mytakes so far.

    • "I think we need to make GAG alpha again." - Anon 2k16

  • What the hell? Nope... Fake alphas are losers who should be ignored...


    Similar to Trump's MAGA.

    But in a more alpha way.

    • Mirin the acronym but tbh nothin is more alpha then #MAGA

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    • True brah hopefully all the sjw cucks stfu when he takes office

    • I don't think so but the good thing is a lot of people came out in force and showed that America isn't ready to kow-tow to a bunch whiny children about their feelings. I don't really care about being called alpha or whatever, I just think that these people are ridiculous and as such, being a firm believer that America is the best country in the world, I think they're hypocritical little cunts and I enjoy triggering the ever loving shit out of 'em.

      I don't know how old you are but I was just finishing high school when we had George Bush, and you know how that went? 8 years of continually complaining about the Republican party and when Obama was elected, he was given a virtual pass on everything that was going wrong because "Bush started it, Obama inherited it". I assume we'll get more of it this time too, except that they don't realize we don't give a fuck anymore.

  • What

  • i would be perfect for it


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