Can you delete answers on gag now?

I've seen other users post answers to questions here, then when I went back to the same question later. those people's answers were gone. Their answers weren't offensive either and were by well-known users so they couldn't have been policy violations. What gives?


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  • Yes, you can delete certain questions, not all.

    • Answers, not questions

    • Ohh, misread that. Nope, you can't. The only way they are deleted is if an admin removes it for breaking site rules.

  • Chances are that if a question or opinion was removed on this site then it did in fact violate the rules in some way. We don't remove anything that doesn't violate the rules. Administration has the final say in removing questions/opinions.

    • "Chances are"
      I get that, but there really wasn't anything wrong with those answers, and as far as I know you can't delete your own answers either. It's weird

    • No, you cannot delete your own opinions.

    • Although things may be "harmless" or not appear to violate the rules because they aren't offensive, they can be removed for other reasons Whether it is grammar, nonsense, spam, etc.

  • Admins remove stuff

    • Did you even read the question?

    • Yes and admins will remove opinions that violate the rules. I have had harmless things removed from this site

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