Why private opinion can not be selected as MHO?


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  • Because technically, they're not 'posts' anymore, but 'messages' instead. And you cannot choose a message as MHO. Their new system for private opinions is a failure in my eyes.

    • Exactly. Why do they call it "Private opinion"? If it is opinion, there should be option for MHO. If there is not this option, then get rid of private opinions and let's call it just message. But there will be conclusion with privacy restrictions, if some people has set accepting messages only from followers. G@G is totally messed up.

    • Couldn't agree more. Unfortunately, admins said, they're not considering any change in near future.

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  • Any opinion can be selected as the most helpful. So, maybe something went wrong.
    I've seen questions with private opinions as the MHO.

  • It can...

    • Strange. I had question and I wanted to select private opinion as MHO but there was no option for that.

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