Have you ever wondered if your advice has proven helpful to people, or wanted to let them know that it has?

A lot of people on this site have given really helpful advice, to a lot of people.

Sometimes the asker will say something like "I'll give it a try" and whatnot, but then you never find out what happened with them, or how much your advice actually made a difference.

I was thinking, maybe this would be a good opportunity to let people know that they've helped you out. A chance to let them know their advice was appreciated.

So, how about it, everyone? If you've gotten great advice from someone, here's your chance to let them know! @mention the person, in your comment, and let's get the feelz flowing! 👍


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  • Yes advice is usually always helpful in some way. It can be either positive or negative. By which I mean how you use the advice given is really up to you. Sometimes bad advice is also useful, because it may show up as something you definitely DON'T want to do. I want to thank all the people that have advised me on this website, and elsewhere, because the fact that people give you their time and mean well, it's always appreciated.
    Beware of those "friends' who manipulate by deliberately giving bad advice in the hope you will fuck up somewhere. encountered that too and occasionally recognised it too late.


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  • I have gotten good advice from users on this site, but it's been more with conversations we've had versus questions I've asked to the general public.

  • You gave me a Great advise !!


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  • No, i don't care...