What do you think about this G@G filtering URL?

One of the most fantastically annoying experiences here at G@G is this:
1. You are in Questions.
2. You apply a sex filter. For instance, I usually apply the Girls filter so I can answer questions that girls have.
3. The question is complex, so I have to click into the question so the browser moves away from Questions and goes directly to the webpage for that question.
4. I answer the question or not...
A. If I answer the question, I get sent to an Opinion Submitted page showing (unfiltered) the Recommended Questions. I either have to hit back twice or click on Questions... and have to reapply the Girls filter. THIS IS VERY ANNOYING.
B. I don't answer the question, so I click the Back button returning to Questions... but my filter is gone, so I have to scroll to the top and reapply the Girls filter then scroll down finding where I just was EQUALLY VERY ANNOYING.
So, I got fed up.
I am making a URL and bookmarking this:

his way, this helps with 4B; If I go into the question and hit the Back button, my Girls filter will still be in place.

It also helps with 4A; after answering the question, if I hit Back twice, I am returned to the point on the Questions page WITH GIRLS FILTER STILL IN PLACE AND AT THE QUESTION THAT I JUST HAD ANSWERED.

If you are interested in just Guys questions and filtering, use this URL:

WOW! I am now using that URL and my life is SOOOOOO much better here now. Things are faster and visually more appealing. I should have done this 2 years ago.


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  • Thanks for being so kind to make these two URLs.

    • They've helped me. I took the Girls one and made it a bookmark in my Bookmarks bar. So, if I want to go to Questions or G@G overall, I go straight to Questions filtered on Girls. It makes the rest of the browsing easier.

      Really, all G@G really needs to do is add "g=_____" after the? whenever navigating from one page to the next; that will keep the filter in place.

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    • can you message us again? :p

    • @flowertrain1 Who me?

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