I can't see my private messages and I have the app am I the only one?

I used to be able to see the messages but since I've updated it I can't see it. I've always used this phone so I don't think that's the problem. I can't see my messages when I open it.

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  • It might be a bug problem with the private messaging system.
    You may want report it or it could be your phone is not compatible
    for the GAG private messenger.


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  • Hi! Sorry to hear you're having issues. What version of the app are you using? What is your device? And also, if you can, take screenshots of the issue, that can be very helpful for us as well to identify and fix the problem.

    • Alcatel pixi4
      Android version 5.1
      App version 1.0.8

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    • Ohk then

    • It stops force closing when I send messages but it's still blank

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  • I don't really use the app so I'm not aware of any glitches that might be on it. You haven't missed any messages from me though, don't worry, I send all my messages via carrier pigeon :P


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  • im not sure about the app, but they work on the mobile site.

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