Why G@G response rate has been drastically hit the floor?

About a month or two back when I joined G@G, response rate was very much high. But now it pretty damn low. Why is that?


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  • It's the holiday season for most people. It gets busy around this time of year. Maybe they're focused on that instead of being on G@G and answering questions.


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  • all the changes.
    G@G Influencer
    Dictator Mods and admins
    ads upon ads

    these thing are turning this website into a shithole.


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  • I blame it on the biased mods and admins that keep hiding/deleting opinions that don't even go against their stupid subjective guidelines.

    • forreal and the stupid G@G Influencer thing that shows certain people with the purple badge before any other comment.

      let's not forget all the ads

      G@G is going downhill 👇

    • MHO of the friggin year right here

    • MHO ^^^^ I was thinking about quitting based on the ads alone.

What Guys Said 1

  • GAG, like most other forms of social medis, has it's ups and downs. At this time of the year, so many people are pre-occupied with certain forthcoming festivities.

    Don't blame moderators, either. We hide questions, posts, and comments that break the rules. These are then either deleted by admin if we're right, or re-instated if we're wrong.