Why your message box is closed?


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  • ... so I can control who has access to send messages. From past experience on here I know if it's not closed I'll be inundated with unwanted pics and creepy messages, or threatening messages.

    A while back, when it wasn't closed, a guy went right through all of my comments on the questions I'd answered , and created a story about ME and HIM , and sent me what he'd written in my message box. The story was creepy , and unnerving.. especially considering I didn't know him or chat to him.

    • That's why my profile is set to private, and I don't allow Level 1 users to follow. But my message box is open. It's easyour to block a weirdo

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    • That's really the key. Makes it hard for people to troll you unless they just happen across a post

    • @CheerGirl38139

      That's true. I like that I have a certain amount of control over my own account on here

  • Unless you are a Follower/Following Here, Dear... I have a Private Setting that only Gaggers of this Nature to Come and Message Me.

  • there are lots of perverts out there that's why

  • Huh?


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