What is your 2017 wishlist for the IT department at C&G?

So what is your wishlist for the IT department here? What do you wish they did that they do not do or what do you wish they didn't do that they currently do?

If you could suggest something, what would you suggest they do or do not do? What would it be?

My suggestions would be as follows:

1) Like or dislike a reply
2) Sort my notifications by type: new question from someone I follow, reply, MHO, etc.
3) Change the display of topics within a topic (dating, relationships girl's behavior, guys' behaviour, etc) to a list of topics that is sortable by views, # of replies, first asked, last response, original asker, last responder and topic.
4) Add the ability to edit or delete opinions and questions.
5) Remove MyTakes as a separate category. If you still insist on having a distinction between mytakes and questions as least combine them in the same category. Do not give a different category.
6) Do not close threads unless you specifically are closing a thread due to abuse of your regulations. Otherwise, all threads stay open until perpetually.
7) The default view for anything is last viewed.

Well, there is my list. At least what I can think of off the top of my head. What would be your list if you could give a list to the IT department here.

Just wondering...

Happy New Year! Here is to 2017! :)


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  • I support your list, especially point four.
    So often I find errors that I missed when I typed and checked the post, but I cannot fix them. I dislike being made to look like an illiterate retard, which is the effect of being unable to edit my own posts.


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  • I wish we could turn off notifications

    • I believe if you go to your settings, you can turn off most if not all notification types that you currently get.

      Here is a copy of what I get currently as options in my settings under notifications:

      Browser notifications
      Enable or disable GirlsAskGuys notifications on your web browser
      Questions and myTakes
      Your question or myTake is liked by someone
      You haven't selected the Most Helpful Opinion
      Your question expired
      Your poll has partial results
      A poll you voted on has final results
      Your opinion is liked by the asker/myTake author
      You are invited to share your opinion
      Your question or myTake has a new opinion
      Your question or myTake has a new reply to an opinion
      Your opinion has a new reply
      Someone also replied to an opinion you've replied to
      Your opinion is chosen as the Most Helpful Opinion
      Someone else's opinion is chosen as the Most Helpful Opinion
      The asker updated a question you have engaged with
      Someone sends you a private message
      Someone you follow as

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  • The ability to oganise and sort opinions and questions based on more things than just wether it's open, if it has an MHO or if it doesn't have an MHO.

    Like - date posted (from oldest to newest), upvote or downvote count, most replies and etc.

  • Point 6 is tough, many threads will remain open unattended.

    • Just curious, what do you think will happen to unattended threads and why would they be a problem?

      To my thinking, they will just drop off the radar due to lack of interest so there should be no issue with them.

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    • True. But you are assuming that threads are closed are removed from the database.

      I know that this is not true since I often come across threads that are closed for replies but I s

    • Nope, they are not removed, I can see them in closed state. So there is a filter, a field that might be saying status of the threads (open / closed).

      I don't know the count of the members , but if each member klcreates two posts a day, and they are not closed (i mean flag is not updated) there could be 700+ threads for each member. Now multiply by the count.

      Perhaps right now a batch process / service runs that updates the flag to closed, and query fetches only opened ones.

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