Anybody still only Xper level 1?

Gag just awarded a New Year's gift of 100 Xper points. Anybody who was already signed up was likely over 50 points, and will now be over 150 points, raising them to Xper level 2.

Let those privat messages fly. lmao.

It probably will not be added into your total till tonight, since they accumulate them at night.


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  • I'm really just an xper 1 trapped in a guru's body.

    But in all seriousness, huh, I didn't really think about it from that perspective. I guess there will be an influx of people sending out private messages to people in the coming days. RIP female inboxes.

    I can imagine the people with multi accounts probably like it too, since there are people like the tights guy who I see spamming people with "can you message me" on various questions... And I'm sure it's just to ask a "personal question" like they all say, amirite? lol

    • Yep. Lots of those guys asking gals to message them and those of us who have been around can figure the type of message in a heartbeat, but the gals agree to it.

    • I think a decent amount of the girls realize it as well, but are being optimistic and hoping it isn't a perverted question (only to be uhh probably disappointed lol)

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  • I think that I'm not xper level 1 since my first day on here, I'm sure that in less than 24 hours after signing up I had reached xper level 2... and this was 2 years and 29 days ago.

  • I got a few points and reached Xper 9 level with Xper points above 10500.