Why don't we have the option to deanonymize any more?

I want to deanonymize my latest question (https://www.girlsaskguys.com/social-relationships/q2238759-how-do-i-go-about-approaching-this-girl-asking-her-out-what-should ), to try and get more responses and ask specific people, but for some reason, the option to do so no longer exists. Why?


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  • Yeah that sucks. I posted a question in anon by accident the other day , but didn't want to be anon but realised I couldn't deanonomize it now 😰 I couldn't tag people I wanted to tag

    That option should be available for questions because someone might want be be anon and then when their question is posted they may not be in anon. They may have pressed anon , but it might not have worked due to a glitch on their phone. Or they may have accidently pressed non anon. At least if the option is still there they can quickly go anon on the question. Or vice versa

    Due to all the adds , my phone goes haywire at times. I answered a question yesterday , but due to a glitch , cos of the adds, I posted in anon , but at least I could deanonomize my opinion on a question. That's still available , so the questions should still have that option too


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  • I don't know. We can deanonymize opinions. You would have to ask a GAG admin to deanonymize your question.


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  • Wait, I thought I just did the other day... xx

    • lol I am a Master/Influencer with maybe the Privilege only? I was just in the Pink and Now "Me" is Here, dear.
      Perhaps you have to be "Influencer" to do this? or a Certain level? xx

    • Thanks for the Like and just one of Gag's little Quirks. xx

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  • Because it deters anon trolls.

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