New year, back to school, back to work, is this the 'quiet' season of gag till the next break?

what do you think will happen? will you leave? will you occasionally check in? Or will you make time for gag every day and include it along with your social media?

  • gag is to pass time
  • gag is boring
  • gag helps loners, introverts
  • gag is doomed to collapse
  • I'll be back (terminator style)
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  • GAG is what I lurk on when I'm on the bus to and fro campus. I also lurk on it throughout the day when I have dead time between classes, so I doubt I'll leave anytime soon. If I take a break and don't log in for a few days, it is usually to take some time to myself and clear my head or whatever away from social stuff. It's generally not from pure time constraints.

    Granted, this semester is looking to be packed full of school, work, and extra curricular activities, so who knows for certain :/


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