Does GAG do enough to counter vote-tampering?

Just before, I looked at a question before and the votes were clearly fake. The poll results had 87 votes from women and 90%+ of them said that they would want a gangbang. This is clearly fake. That's just not what women want. The question can be found here:

After looking at a clearly fake poll result, I made the following comment:
Does GAG do enough to counter vote-tampering?Since I made that comment there have been 0 votes by women but over 50(!) votes by men - there can be reasonably gender disparities but that is completely ridiculous; he was clearly worried about the fact that I had called out the gender disparity in my comment and rushed to try and even it out. After making that comment I was also blocked from interacting with that user.
The results from this poll are clearly fake, so I'm not sure if all other poll results are also fake. Do you think GAG are doing enough to counter vote-tampering?

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  • "That's just not what women want."

    So you assume that your own opinion applies to all women?

    • If a poll said "Do you want to be cuckolded?" and 90% of guys said yes. This would definitely arouse suspicion because it's obviously not true.

      It's not just my opinion it's the opinion of all my friends too. I don't know any women who would want a gangbang. Also, the huge gender disparity in number of votes and the comments from women not reflecting the votes... The results are obviously fake... I don't know how you couldn't see that

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    • There are 87 votes and the comments on the question show that women who don't want to participate in the gangbang ARE voting. This is obviously fake haha. I don't know why you're denying that. Is this your question or something?

    • No, it isn't mine.

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  • only 10 female comments and 2 male.. but look at the votes.. maybe just a case of lots of women not wanting to comment and a lot of "annon pink catfish"


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What Guys Said 3

  • Why the heck would anyone tamper with a Gag poll? And how would they do that? Get 90 false profiles?

    Obviously you are right that someone faked the results here, but how? and WHY?

    • If you log out, you can vote anonymously. Then if you delete the cookies then you can vote anonymously again... and again.. and again.

      I suspect that is what has been done here. Often times people want to give a false impression in order to arouse controversy or something like that. But I'm really not sure why.

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    • What these things show is that Gag should put strict limits on anonymous answers!

    • I think he might have figured out a way to automate it. But yeah, if it's that easy to fake results then the number of anonymous votes should be limited.

  • I don't think there are any systems in place to counter "vote tampering" , there isn't even a system in place to ensure the validity of the person behind the account (anti-catfishing).

    • One of the problems is that you don't even need an account to vote, so vote-tampering is much easier than cat-fishing because you can put as many anonymous votes as you want.

  • it's not possible for someone to make 90 accounts and what you mentioned is also impossible. you're the one who is stupid enough to be triggered by a poll and its results.


What Girls Said 3

  • The problem isn't "vote tampering". The problem is that this site has an issue with creepy men who like to pretend to be girls. Look at all the girls commenting. The only "girl" off anon saying yes is a guy pretending to be a girl.

    • At least with fake accounts you also need an email address, so there's some form of assuring that this is a person and not a robot. With anonymous votes, it can just be automated.

      Of course, it's difficult to tell if they're real women accounts or not. I think maybe GAG should have a "verified" option where you send a photo and someone verifies it or something like that.

  • I really don't care because it's a poll on gag.

  • I think most people vote for xper points. I never submit a vote question. They are never accurate. Lol