Why was it hidden 😐?

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Question Title: So, how is everyone this lovely evening?

Question Details: I am just chilling. I had finals yesterday, and today, so I need a break... lol xD
What about you? How was your day? What are ya up to?

Random question...
Do pigs fly?

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Seriously? If I may ask all admins...
What is wrong with my question? I see nothing wrong with it. This is the first time this has happened to me, and I think it is ridiculous...
I have nothing against the admins and all, but this just made me laugh, really. 😆
Anyway, I just want to know what was wrong with my question, so I don't say what ever I said, again. 😆😆😆


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  • I suppose it was hidden because it isn't really relevant to the majority of the content on this site. Admins have the final say though, so it might pop back up.

    • I put it under "other". Other meaning the post can be about anything. At least I think so. 😅

    • Fair point. It still doesn't have much direction though. More of a personal chat type situation rather than exchanging advice, etc.