What are my takes?

Lol I joined like 2hours ago


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  • myTakes are another post type for you to share your experience, knowledge with the GAG community. A myTake can become a "promoted myTake" or even a "featured myTake"; for which you will earn extra Xper points (50 Xper points for promoted myTakes, and 150 Xper points more -total of 200 Xper points- for Featured myTakes. MyTakes that are copy and pasted content from other sites will be removed.

    How to post a myTake? - Hover over (desktop) or tap (mobile) on the Post text/button that you see at the top of every page, and then select "Share myTake". You will be directed to the Share myTake page.
    - Pick the gender (s) you want to direct your myTake by clicking on "both", "girls", or "guys".
    - Enter your myTake Title
    - Add a topic
    - Enter your details. You can insert images/videos/links into your myTake either by pasting links directly into the details box, or by using the tool buttons on top of the details box. Here you can upload images from your own device by clicking on "image" icon.
    (Images need to be at least 320x240 in resolution and should be less than 3MB in size. You can also insert YouTube and Vine videos, Instagram captions, and Tweet embeds.) - Check boxes for Anonymity and "no opinions wanted" preferences
    - After you're done entering information, click Preview myTake. You will be directed to the Preview screen where you'll be able to check and see how your myTake will appear when posted. On this preview screen you have the option to "edit" your myTake or "Save it as Draft".
    - If everything looks great click Submit myTake. Ta Da! Your myTake is now online!

    • You can also tap (for mobile) the top left "hamburger" menu icon (3 lines) and click/tap myTake. Then follow the same process as above.

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  • They're articles for G@G users to read on any of the topics listed here.


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  • Hi! MyTakes are simply another format for members to share their opinions. They are similar to articles where anyone can write about their personal views, thoughts on certain topics, or advice they may want to share with others. You can read more about myTakes in our FAQ here. :) https://www.girlsaskguys.com/faq#173

  • You get to write a rant and the GAG admins will be balls deep in you 2 hours later.

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