Some of my questions are missing like there's no record of them... They have a lot of use full opinions and details.. can anyone help?


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  • If you're using the phone app its probably that, everything should be there.
    You scroll all the way down and it shows any you've closed but I didn't see you do that too much.
    Try getting on the GaG website (it's what I use) and that hasn't happened. :D
    Hopefully that helps


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  • If they are closed, you can find them at the very bottom of your question list, closed questions will appear under all of your open questions. So if you have a lot of open questions, you may have to scroll a bit to get to the closed ones to find the question you are looking for.

    • thanks.. i think my app is glitch in again.. coz i found them when i went to G@G site on chrome..

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    • @BeerFarts well the system is the same as it was before, we always showed open questions on top of closed questions. But now since we re-opened old ones, I can see how it got confusing for many people. But yeah, you can just re-close them if you want. :)

    • I always thought that once you've awarded the MHO, it would automatically close. I guess I didn't know any better. Lol.

      Anyway, I just went back and closed all of them (good thing there weren't that many) ;p

  • @xHoneyxBeex is the go-to person for this, and I see she's already helped you. Listen to her!


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