How long does it take for a MyTake to become featured on the sites front page?

Recently I got a message saying my promoted MyTake got featured, how long until I know when it becomes live on the home page of GaG? As of right now it's labeled as promoted.


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  • It depends on the queue of myTakes waiting in line to appear on homepage...
    There are two things that can happen when a myTakes if promoted:
    - It's promoted and start appearing on the recent myTakes page that is accessible from the Feed menu on the top of the page.
    - If it's super-promoted, meaning: selected a "featured myTake" (for which you received a separate msg) it is now on its way to homepage, waiting in line with other "featured" selected myTakes.
    So, your myTake is promoted and then selected "featured". It will start appearing on homepage soon. But it's already listed on the "myTakes" page:


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  • Not all myTakes are promoted. However, if it is, it will probably be bumped up in the next couple of days.


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