Does anyone else think GAG helps give understanding, insight, and awareness between different cultures?

I think a place like this is great because of the interactions of people with different nationalities, cultures, and life views... it brings the world together in a small way. I've seen Southern U. S. rednecks interacting with Muslims from the Middle East here in friendly conversations, great stuff. I've noticed even when two people know they have different views they still respond to each others questions/interact and look past their differences... respect is shown. There are some radical, racists views I've seen. But I think those people being here is somewhat of a good thing because their views may change through the interactions they have here. Even if they don't seem to change I think something could click in their brain and they could realize the flaws in their perspective, and irl they may be more open minded. I don't know, anyone else have thoughts?

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  • yeah somewhat


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  • I agree with everything you said, and I sincerely hope, that it's the case. :3


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What Girls Said 2

  • 1. People on here are mostly U. S. People. The rest are a minority.
    2. Those people you say are racists, they will NEVER change their minds, no matter what you do. So don't hold your breath

    • Do you have evidence that they won't? There are plenty of non-US gagers. Yes most are American, but is there another social media website like this that makes these interactions possible? Not twitter, Facebook, instagram... on those it's 95% people you know irl.

    • feel free to try. You'll only get to the point where you wanna bang your head against the wall.

  • Disagree for the most part. Yes it happens but its not a regular occurrence in my opinion.


What Guys Said 3

  • All I see is short guys, small boobs, feminism, trump, virginity, long essays, and more

    Good for you for being positive x)

  • Seems like a great idea, but sadly, a few idiots post just this incredible number of stupid questions, crushing the concept. Yeah, You, Soulbabe, and Mairiead!!

  • I'll see is a bunch of alt-right white supremacists whining about how they're being persecuted for being caucasian hetero males, so no, not really.

    Also, a ton of whining about feminism even though clearly none of them know what it is.