Do you guys easily lose interest once you find that your crush/ or someone you like , like someone else?

I feel negative and bereft... once I found out my crush likes someone else, anyone ever felt this before

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  • yes i did


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  • yes absolutely. finding out they love another is the perfect antidote for love. thats why letting people down easy or being 'nice' ids not nice at all and is ultimately very selfish. you are just trying to feel like a nice person its not about being helpful. its cowardly. confronting truth either by delivery or reception, is very difficult and takes courage. instead most people hide behind being 'nice'.

    if you really are not interested the best thing is to be direct. it stings for a second, but you get to fucking move on.


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  • Yes because I feel like there's absolutely no hope for him to like me if he already has his eye set on someone else

  • yes, almost instantaneously.

  • Yeah I lose my interest

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