The link to sign up for Editor?

The other day I came across a place to sign up for editor on here and now I can't find it again. Can someone comment the link?
Sorry if I'm being stupid and its right in front of my eyes or something. Or maybe there was never a sign up form and I'm just remembering things that never happened.. I dont know...


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  • There is no sign up process to become an Editor. Admins invite users to become an Editor when we notice them writing myTakes on a consistent basis. Writing about a variety of topics and using quality media (images and/or videos) helps a lot as well. :)

    • So i really did make that up omg
      I swear to god i was on a sign up form and they were asking me questions like "How often do you write mytakes" and stuff like that. Im going crazy lmao

    • There used to be an application that a former Content Manager used but it was very old and is no longer being used. It is not monitored so anything submitted there would not be seen by current admins.

    • That's fine. I didn't submit anything anyway. Thank you

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