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What made you want to use this app? How do you like it and why do you continue to use it?



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  • I started using it because I wanted insight on how a girl felt about me. After that I just started helping others here and occasionally asked a question. I recently came back to this site after a break. It's good in general but GaG has a lot of people asking weird questions

    • What are some of these questions? And if you could change it, what about it would you change?

    • Nah it can be everything. When I used it a couple of months ago there were these few people who'd spam "how do I look" constantly. Also there were these notorious "what do you think about turkey" questions which I really disliked. This among other things made it not worth it for me to be here anymore

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  • I use this app because helping other people and making them smile, makes me happy. And it warms my heart to solve the issues that people may have.

    • How happy are you with this app? And if you could, what would you change?

    • I'd like for them to make the colour of our names customizable, as well as our profiles more customizable.. And then I'd like for them to bring back the ability to spend Xper on charity donations. :3

  • I was looking for a website to discuss with questions as I used to be.
    Then I saw the website, Although it is not like what I want but including what I want and here use English very much. So I think I want to practice English here.
    They always said English need to practice and practice, dont need to recite.
    So I try to write a lot to see I can memory these words without recite it.

    • What were you looking for that this app doesn't have?

    • umm.. I was used to discuss many subject in a website in my country, but I found there make influence reality so much, So I dont want to be there. News reporters are lazy to go out to find news, they find news there too, then fucking news show on TV news. WTF.

  • I don't use the app.. on the web only.


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