Am I the only that feels this way about gag?

When someone says something offensive about white people it gets deleted so fast but when it's about other ethnicities it just stays.

I have seen so many disrespectful and just plain rude things about other ethnicities on gag and the never got deleted.

Now before you all call me racist for having this opinion I'm not since I'm also white.

I'm just wondering why this is? It's supposed to be a safe place for everyone but somehow it's only for the majority which or white.

And I'm not saying it's okay for insulting white people I'm just trying to figure out why one thing but not the other?

Lol at the people who call me racist
Quote the sentences where I said something racist?

Meaning of racism:
The belief that race accounts for differences in human character or ability and that a particular race is superior to others.



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  • Because most of the moderators are white

    • Thank U For MHO

    • No problem my friend!

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  • Agreed.


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  • Yeah, that's definitely not true lol I've seen so many posts and opinions bashing white people, and are never deleted.

    • Post the links here?

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    • And this guy assuming every white person is racist lol

      Ok, I'm gonna stop giving you examples of racism against whites that is still up on this site.

    • lol I've seen those. those people r stupid

  • Yep. I'm bi-racial, and when I first started, all of my positive posts about my experiences in Black communities around the country (Newark, Columbus, Philly), got multiple thumbs down. My lady that I'm reuniting with after 24 years... the one for me... a sista that's from Detroit-and hasn't received a single positive response from ANY female. The proof is in the pudding. Their words fly away in the wind-I look at the results.

  • You can be a racist to white people as a white person.

    But I see a lot of shit flying everywhere. If anything gets deleted it seems random to me.

  • i haven't seen much lately


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  • 'Now before you all call me racist for having this opinion I'm not since I'm also white.'
    LOL at the racism 'hidden' in this comment.

    • What was racist that I said about white people
      Quote me please?

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    • Just to sad for wordsss realllyyyπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • I don't agree; as a mod I am quick to take down ANY and ALL racist content that I come across, but I do find that the white racism often stays up longer unless there are actual threats or blatant insults involved because a lot of people don't recognize racism against white people as severely as they do other races.

    However if you see any racist content you yourself can report or notify any one of the moderators or administrators.

    • Yeah you but you're not the only mod

      I always report I go back two days later and it's still there

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    • You're welcome.

    • @RJGraveyTrain... as a mod.. hmm, you do well. I'm surprised a lot of more of my stuff hasn't been taken off. My take on life is... I only speak the truth as I know it from my personal, physical experiences. If people get offended by my mere words... then why aren't they offended by the ACTIONS that take place daily that make up those experiences? Life isn't all touchy feely, and I can't control others' willingness to accept it or not. You do well in my opinion.

  • actually I've seen them stay uo as well. I've literally reported the hell out of any post that bashes any race and for some reason I can always come back a week later and they're still up. even the ones I've seen bashing white people

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