Emojis are broken on mobile site?

I'm not sure who the admins are around here anymore but the Emoji's are broken on the mobile site and have been for a while now. Most work fine but if you're using particular Emoji's they will improperly display another one that you didn't select, on mobile formats... On the regular site, this issue doesn't seem to exist, but it's just a bit of an annoyance when you're primarily posting from phone.

Are there any fixes in the works? Any mods or GaG staffers know anything about this?

Ok, for example...

😆 on regular site, looks like 😞 on mobile.
😅 on regular site, looks like 😄💦 on mobile.
😫 on regular site, looks like 😔 on mobile.

I'm not sure if the top and bottom ones are correct exactly, but they do not display as typed on the mobile site format...


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  • I haven't noticed that. I just see that it doesn't support some emojis and comes up with an X in its place.

    • These ones seem to all display differently... try looking at them on site and on mobile.


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    • Oh, hmmm, nope, still haven't noticed that. The only thing I've seen is what I mentioned, that the expression is still the same, but the emojis do look different or they just don't show up at all. This site is having a few different glitches as it seems.

    • I'll update this question once I get on my laptop later, showing the differences on the two platforms...

  • All us "mods" can do is hide offensive posts...


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  • I didn't observed it so far. Well, administrators must take actions soon if it is so.