Moderating question: Why does this happen?

On occasion, when trying to change the category for a mislabeled question, I see the following banner. Sometimes it lasts for several minutes. Any clue as to why this occurs?

Moderating question: Why does this happen?


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  • That happens when an admin is viewing a question and doing something at the time. It locks the question so no changes can be made while we are working. :)

    • Thanks for the response, @xHoneyxBeex. Programmatically, that makes sense. But this record has now been locked for over an hour. Is that normal? And while I have you in this thread, have the admins considered possibly creating a "mod only" category where non-critical site and mod issues like this can be discussed with just mods and admins? I know the programming would be a challenge but I think it'd be a real help to us.

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    • Yes, thanks, it's been changed. :)

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  • I'm glad Honey answered the question because I was wondering this myself. It does seem to last a while at times, haha.


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