Did you even unanonymize an opinion?

If you did, why did you unanonymize it?
Did you even unanonymize an opinion?

  • Yes - I became less embarrassed of that opinion after I got an MHO.
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  • Yes - I didn't get an MHO, but I decided not to be ashamed of that particular opinion anymore and to embrace it.
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  • Yes - After being on GAG long enough, I became less embarrassed of my opinions, so I stopped posting opinions anonymously and unanonymized most or all of my previous anonymous opinions.
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  • No - I never unanonymized an anonymous opinion of mine.
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  • No - I never posted an opinion anonymously.
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  • Nope, never

  • I don't use the anonymous feature.

  • I did 98% of the time because to troll and mine xper points.