Problems with your answer disappearing?

I have had this occur several times now and I am wondering if others have had this happen as well. I will write out a long answer to someone's question, do spell check, that finishes, then I click the "Preview Question" and my answer disappears and I have a gray blank space there like I never wrote anything at all. It is very frustrating spending all that time and then it is gone. I have been selecting all the text and coping it first so when this happens I can re-paste. Has anyone else experience this problem? (I'm sending a not to the admin of this site too)

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I am using IE 8 (win 7). I tried to do back but it didn't work. I wonder if all these adds have something to do with it. Anytime I mistakenly rollover some of these adds with my mouse they auto enlarge to size of your screen. Its annoying ...
Received message back from the moderator, they said they would forward it to development team, however they mentioned that after 30 min the page will refresh. This may explain it some as few of my answers are long and I type them while doing other things


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  • yea its really annoying

    it happens on my old mac and my PC, but my new mac saves what I wrote.

    i think its because the page connection times out or something if you take too long to write what you want to say.

    they really need to fix that problem cause its stopping people from answering questions

    just in case, copy/paste


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  • Yah it happens to me a lot.

    I always copy/paste my answer just incase it disappears.


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  • Yes it happen to me too and I think its normal

    there are this memory line here GAG can hold for so long

    picture those after a while you leave the computer

    would you like to continue Yes No diaglog box

    its like those

  • Yes that has happened to me. I'm not sure if it works with every browser, but with firefox you can just press the back button.

  • Yea, it's very annoying so I make sure to copy it now.

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