Do you believe that there is any use of this app as a social application?

Or it's just you ask a question, somebody answers (or not) and that's it?

  • Yes, it's useful as a social app! I made lots of friends here!
  • No, not really, I made a few friends, private chats here and there, but nothing beyond that.
  • This application is entirely useless as a social app.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I think it can be used that way, and have no doubt that many have but personally it's not what I see it as


Most Helpful Guy

  • I have made friends on here unintentionally so it is a social app for me by default rather than design


What Girls Said 2

  • I don't use this site to socialise. Some users treat it like a dating site lol.

    I am here to answer questions. I'm not interested in making online friends. I have a social circle in real life. Online communications isn't something that satisfy's me. It's too superficial.

    It's meant to be a question and answer site. If it was advertised as anything other than that.. I wouldn't have created an account here

    • This isn't a site where I'd looked for friends.

    • The question was not if you believe this app has been created to make friends or not.
      I'm happy for you having a broad social circle and friends.

    • You asked "Do you believe that there is any use of this app as a social application?"which I answered. I added I wouldn't use it if it was meant for socialising as that's not something that interests me. It's not a good site for socialising coz it's not created for that

  • Yes, useful if you want to make friends.


What Guys Said 1

  • This app is so antisocial.

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