How are these questions irrelevant?!!(sorry long)

First I asked am I attractive..and they F*&^ing deleted it saying to use the reality check feature even though that feature doesn't have my question it and is Irrelevant to what I was asking!

then I asked another one asking if I am fat and they deleted it saying that it is irrelevant or does not contain enough in was in the "other" category and it didn't need that much info and I have seen other questions with only one or two words in it?

there are nothing in the rules that says anything against my questions. and I already contacted them 3 times about these issues. I think the moderators/admin are going trigger happy with deleting questions even if they don't need to be deleted and are making up new rules as they go. this bull&^%* is making me want to delete my account cause I'm getting no help at all and it is getting useless.

why were my questions deleted? (and don't just say to go look at the rules, moderators)

and moderators, when can I get my questions back on the website cause they were deleted for no reason!?

woo hoo(sarcasm) it happened a 3rd time !
4th time!


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  • I think your right they are getting a little ... trigger happy as you said, it may have been you posted something inappropriate and they are now monitoring your account, so then they would just delete anything and try to find an excuse to, if you it happens more, try making a new account, make the same questions and see if they get deleted. Good luck :)


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  • Honour yourself by honouring the moderators.

  • They always delete mine to


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  • Thanks for your posting.

    First, moderators do not have the authority to remove/reactivate questions. They can recommend that answers be removed, but only the admin can actually remove a posting.

    Second, I remove all postings that are "Rate me," "Am I fat," "How do I look" questions. Unless the posting is style related (i.e., "What do you think of this hat?" "What should I wear with this skirt?" "Should I get this haircut?"), they are considered irrelevant to the question categories. These are better placed in the "Reality Check" category of the site.




    • But the reality check feature doesn't have a question option for "am I fat" which is bullsh*t. my friend also posted some questions like that and they always get removed even though other questions just ask "am I fat". Why can't I post them as questions when I can't use the reality check feature for them?