If you could pick a gager to be your crime fighting partner or sidekick who would you pick?

I would pick @1truekhaleesi because she seems like she would be pretty badass and have good sarcastic comebacks for the bad guys, but would be a good friend too


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  • It's been a while but from what I can remember this badass bunny @maxemeister would make a kick ass partner in crime

    • Holy shit ABBA chick is back lmao

      I'll only agree if I have a salary

    • @Maxemeister lmao ABBA <3333 My swedish pride

      A little greedy are we? ;(((( You should be proud of this extremely cool opportunity

    • Sweden has many things to be proud of lol. I even considered you guys for applying to Uni but ultimately it didn't work out :(

      What are my benefits, eh?

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  • If my memory serves me correctly @TuMeManques has some martial arts expertise

    • We would slay it as a duo, I'm in. I'll come up with a name for us though because I really want to be able to pronounce it 😉😗💙

    • @TuMeManques I would be cool with you being in charge of the names, I would want to change it every five minutes (LoL)

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  • Probably @Yumix. His gaming strategy would be quite useful once implemented on a Battlefield.

  • I would pick you because you could sit on our enemies and crush them.

  • @policelivesmattertoo because why the fuck not lmao

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