So how do I link my instagram on here like how other editors and admins do on here?

  • It's just for them you can't
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  • You can I'll teach you how
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  • Even if you can't if you really want to why not just copy and paste the link of your instagram on your summary you fucking piece of shit.
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  • cow boobs
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  • I am gonna milk me a cow moo moo
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  • human cow boobs
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  • Interrupt me with a kiss 👄👄
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  • You can if you're a moderator i believe or one of those other "super" members. I'm just a regular so i can't

  • I'd rather just be anon tbh

  • I didn't even know you could do that

    • Yeah like look at editors or indepence whatever they are called now lol.

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