Does this site have a virus?

I came on here this morning and I clicked on a question and my antivirus system started flashing. I didn't think it was the site cause I have been on here for quite a while now and this the first time that happeend. Anyway I ran the anti virus thing and it said everything was good now, and I was on here just a minute ago and I clicked on a question and the antivirus thing started flashing again and it said it won't load the page because of a possible malware infection on it.

Anyone else having issues?


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  • I'm concerned as to whether it was YOUR anti-virus that warned you,or if it was the "Antivirus free" that popped up out of no where in a pop-up perhaps or in a new tab.Because if it wasn't yours,then you were more than likely infected for not clicking out of the thing.

    I personally have Avira Premium Security Suite,SuperAntiSpyware and Malwarebytes(I don't use it haha),but I also use Mozilla Firefox with Adblock Plus,Flashblock,WOT,Ghostery and BetterPrivacy.

    I have never had a problem with virus's on this site.

    Run a scan.

    It also depends on whether you have a good AV or not haha.Avira has a great malware detector

    • Thanks, I ran the scan and it safes the computers safe now but it said 2 threats where deleated. And is the Avira one you talked about free, or do you have to pay?

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    • Ok I will keep it then. Thanks for all the help

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  • it happened to me before, it said I had all these viruses, and wanted me to remove them. but I clicked off and scanned my pc with my antivirus and it was clean. its happened to me twice since I've been a member.

    • Have you been a member for a while or just recently?

    • Yea just recently. a couple of months

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  • hmmm idk.

    I haven't been having any issue at all. Maybe it could because I'm using Snow Leopard on my macbook pro

  • Not me. I know the site used to have a virus about a year ago, but the fixed it.