What are some things GAG should do to improve?

I think we should be able to update questions on the app and deleted questions and comments


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  • G@G should introduce Troll Badge. We can immediately block them by seeing the Badge.

    What is opinion of other users?

    • 1. Introduce the feature to write my take in App.
      2. Option to select all when invitation are sent.
      3. We should know who is upvoting and downvoting.
      4. Night Mode Feature. I has to do lot of effort to use G@G in Night Mode. Hassle 😊
      5. Introduce feature to withdraw follow request in browser.
      6. I had observed that Suicidal tendency question are removed. It makes them more irritated when they receive the message that their question is removed. Hotline Number works in all cases?

      Some regular users must be selected to do interaction with them and LISTEN them.


      Solution to all time horny dudes and Kinky girls from my point of view is to do contract with some with well reputed sexting chat rooms. Recommend them such sites.

      Reward : Revenue Generation for Website Developers. Reduction in unwanted messages.

      Let them do sexting. Personally I am against such nonsense stuff. I might write Take on this topic.


    • Introduce feature of rating star in How Do I look topic. My name of that Category 🤔(Body Dysmorphic Disorder)


      Introduce Parenting and Child Development Category.

      Feature the first five questions of new users after monitoring. It will help to sustain them in Long Run.

      Monitor activity attacking specific group of people. We are aware about why I had changed my username. Based on my observation few neighbouring countries are creating accounts to destroy Reputation on International Platform.

      Thank You @-Beonkia for asking this question.

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  • 1. make the app compatible with invitations to questions and myTakes.

    2. make user profiles viewable in the app.

    3. Raise the xPer level required to send private messages.

    4. Limit the number of anonymous posts per day per user.


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  • Don’t even get me started. Oh, wait…it’s too late.
    Password check system is just…wrong. Completely wrong. Go ahead, try to create new account and in password use some symbols like +, *, $ or #. That is just epic fail.
    App sucks ass. Sorry, but yeah, it’s true. Web version is much better and the app should be the same. Same experience across all platforms, that should be goal.
    Give anonymous different colors. It would be something like current color slightly mixed with white.
    Allow me to filter out the anonymous ones. Hiding questions and anything from anonymous. I don’t really care about cowards, who cannot stand by what they saying. You should also think about abolishing the anonymous option altogether, or at least seriously limit its usage.
    For the love of nonexistent god, please, stop being sensitive, if someone is challenging. Like me! :-) Instead, I get my comment removed. Instantly. For “being too offensive”. Yeah, right. You do know, that by hiding certain aspects, you don’t change the human nature, right?
    This web isn’t a game. Stop being so reward-centric.
    Offer scales. Like polls, but this time, it would be a scale. From 0 to 10 or 0 to 5, it depends on user’s choice. And yes, from goddamn 0. Allowing the “not at all” (or similar) opinion to be expressed is important.
    Do not limit polls to only 7 options. Why 7, btw? I understand there must be some limit, I get that, but make it some…large, nice numbers, like 2^5.
    Do not limit PMs. Just…don’t. Or, if you so need the char limit, put it 2500. Like comments here. Some of us just have something to say. This isn’t stupid twitter.
    And please. Like…really. Stop forcing us to put the question mark at the end of title for a question. Some questions just don’t need it. Some title might be just statement. Sometimes it looks really stupid. Abolish that.

  • Yes, there are a few:

    1. Quoting feature: Members should be able to quote sentences or paragraphs or the whole question of other members while replying to them.

    2. Members should be able to edit/delete their own opinions and comments as long as nobody has quoted them in their replies or as long as they have not mentioned them in their replies ( by using @).

    3. Character limitation of 1000 from PM's should be removed completely.

  • I think, we should be able to autocorrect the questions instead of updating them.
    Although, we can add an update as well.
    If, we could update questions, the meaning of the question the opinions and the comments can seriously be altered.
    In my opinion, we should be able to create whatsapp like groups where, we can send invitation to invite someone instead of adding anyone we want.

  • Give the the address so we can send in hand writen stories and questions. That way we can stop using the dyeing fad of internet. You can tell it going by by. Like the CB Radio did in the 90's.

    So go get some stamps, pen and paper. Now start. writing before its too late.

  • Optimize this app for iPhone X. And make it so that if I press the questions button at the bottom it takes me back to the top. Works on android but not iPhone.

  • 1. Deduct Xper for using the anonymous function, and limit its use to a few times per day.

    2. Raise the Xper rank required to PM.

  • Edit and delete opinions, HOWEVER, only the opinion owner should be able to delete and edit their opinion.

  • I like how it's free, but I can only ask two questions a day and I can't message people.

  • You can delete questions. I don't think you should be able to delete comments

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  • Is there a way to see who likes the answers you posted?

  • We should be able to delete our opinions.


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