Your entry has been removed?

I'm sure all of use have had one or more of these occurrences where the moderators of this forum have removed a question for one of many reasons, but the one that I have seen the most, is the most pointless reason of all.

yes ladies and gentlemen, I am referring to;

"your entry has been removed becuase you are under 18 and, for your protection cannot post sexually explicit content."

now... there are just a few problems I see with this,

1- in many places the legal age for sexual relations is 16 so shouldn't they be allowed to ask for advice and/or help from the experienced users of this site?

2- this rule does not stop or hinder the under 18's from viewing said content from other users, so this action doesn't "protect" them.

3- I wouldn't go as far as to say that most of the deleted question is "sexually explicit", only containing mild sexual content.

so I was just wondering, what are YOUR views on this rule? is it in need of an update? is it just stupid? or do you believe it is useful and plays a vital role in protecting minors from the dangers of advice?

oh, it would be super helpful if one of you ever so enlightened moderators could clear this up for me :)
you have both refered to child p*rn issues, and I agree with you on that, if they have links to such images then they should be removed, no question about it, and I also agree with the fact that there are a lot of generic questions asked,
BUT I see just as many of those from members who claim to be over 18 as those who are under.

and if they wish to bombard the board with easy to answer questions then so be it. Easy xper.


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  • The political correctness of this country is sickening and more often than not counter-productive. Have you ever taken a sexual education class? They don't acctually "teach" the students about STDs/STIs or the dangers of pregnency and how to protect themselves from these hazards, they rather just preach abstinance from sex.

    From a political standpoint, this is something both liberals and conservitives agree fully on, albeit for different reasons. The conservitives want it because of their deep christain belief of how sex is evil except between a husband and wife, and the liberals love it because of their ever-growing need to try and protect people from themselves. (next they'll be outlawing skydiving and anything other recreational activity that is even moderately dangerous to participants).

    This all being said, the policy they have in place is counter-productive, useless, and works against itself because as you said there is nothing keeping those under 18 from viewing the questions, only from asking/answering them. The policy is there so idiotic parents who spy on their kids internet activity don't sue the website, it has nothing to do with sex being an adult topic.

    Let this be a lesson to all members under 18: lie about your age, it's the only way you're going to get what you need out of this website.

    And the lesson to the site's owners, when and if any lawsuits head your way, all you need to do is say that it is bad parenting that kids lie about their age, not bad management, there is no way to acctually verify that a person is being sincere about their age through the internet without asking for a credit card, which those aged 16 and older can get without their parent's consent anyway.

    • The worst part is that by preaching abstinance, more kids jump inot sex without knowing about std's and sti's or how easily it can be to get pregnant. it's just a waste of time in school and should be handeled by parents imo. the parents don

      t want to talk about it though so they push it onto the schools

    • And then the schools try to teach it and the parents sue them because of being explicit, which is why they only teach abstinance.

      Everybody looses.

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  • Thanks for inquiring! We delete sexually explicit questions and answers that are posted by those under 18. We're not making a statement of judgment on what you "should" or "shouldn't" be doing under the age of 18--that is a mute point. GirlsAskGuys strives to maintain a useful, valuable, and SAFE site to all. Removing sexually explicit postings by users under the age of 18 is done to protect BOTH minors and adults. With the number of occurrences of harassment, predatory behavior, and illegal activity happening on the internet today, we are constantly working to keep GirlsAskGuys a reputable and safe site.

    That being said, we encourage our users under 18 to ask questions that are "sex ed" related, including topics such as safe sex, STD's, and emotional readiness. We want you to stay informed, healthy, and safe. If you ever feel that a posting was unfairly removed, please contact me. I will review it and evaluate it at that time.

    Hope this helps! Thanks!

    LondonPrincess Team

    • Why do you make it an under-18 thing rather than an under-16 thing? This site may originate in America but plenty of different nationalities come on here, I myself am English. Judging by your username you are too, in which case you should know that our age of consent is 16.

      And yes there are weirdos online that may get off on reading about teens' sexual encounters, but as long as the teens in question don't give any personal information out they are safe.

    • What I'm saying is, rather than prohibiting teens from posting certain questions, maybe you should inform them of the dangers instead, then let them make up their own minds?

  • I'm pretty sure they're more concerned about the child p*rnography angle. It's not about protecting your pure, naive souls from the evils of sex, it's about covering their ass so that they can't be held responsible for posting sexual material that originated from minors and thus is illegal masturbation material in the overwhelming majority of jurisdictions.

    As far as getting advice goes, how about just searching the site for other people's questions? The same questions get asked over and over here, and yours is bound to be at least a little similar to one or some of them. This gets you the information without minors posting anything sexual.

  • 1-Teenagers on this site aren't asking for sexual education,which is one thing,but they give explicit posts(child p*rnography) and 16 doesn't equal adult,because quite a few of these teenagers come on here a few days later bombarding the board with "Am I or Could I be pregnant questions?"

    2-I think they are trying to stray away from the child p*rnography label.Too many youngsters on here give very sexually explicit or duplicated questions and Chester could be out there reading it getting off to it.Not to mention,many of the questions asked by people "under 18" are stupid and repetitive,they are things that could be found by using,idk,GOOGLE or the search engine on this site.

    Honestly,I see no problem with it,because if the "teen" were mature they wouldn't be asking the basic Q's they ask."What turns guys on" Um,search,there's hundreds of Qs with thousands of answers."What do guys like?" "Long labia?" "Penis length Q"

    I mean it's all immature,repetitive questions.I'm a virgin,but I seem to actually know more about sex than half of the "experienced" adult AND teenage users on this site

    • I completely disagree, ignorance can only be overcome through a hunt for knowledge. There is no such thing as a stupid question, only stupid answers. I am 22 and there are elementry-level things that I sometimes need clarification on simply because I've never encountered the word or the context before.

      Have you ever thought that perhaps some of these questions are being asked out of stress? There is a thing call reassurance, or maybe just for sh*ts and giggles, trying to get a laugh.

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    • I wasn't talking about you,you aren't the first,a while back people complained about having questions and answers taken down because the site claimed they were "irrelevant" or whatever

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  • The terms and conditions make it clear they can delete anything they like for whatever reason and they own the property in your question or answer after you post it...

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