Who here is fed up with the moderators or "the administrator" deleting questions?


who here on this website is annoyed or fed up with the moderators or "the administrator" deleting questions for little to no reason?

also, feel free to share the question that got deleted so others will know what are "bad" questions.

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a question of mine that was an in general question! about "if guys consider this fat" with a picture of me as an example is apparently a "bad" question...they apparently want me to stalk people to get pictures of them for questions so...


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  • they just deleted one of my sh*ts recently ,This website is kinda getting me tight,first I thought it was cool..but I don't even know anymore


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  • Yup. The admin who keeps deleting questions is a moron. Relevant questions are deleted for being irrelevant, non-sexual questions are deleted for being sexually explicit, and inoffensive questions are deleted for being offensive. Whoever keeps deleting the harmless questions of me and others is a total retard.

    "Will my taste in women continue to change through adulthood?" Deleted for being (not) sexually explicit.

    "Any nerds out there, I need your help. Can you give me the titles of some good doujinshi?" Deleted for being (not) sexually explicit.

    "Is eating da poo poo wrong?" Deleted for (not) being offensive.

    "Favorite and Least Favorite Users?" Deleted for (not) being offensive.

    "What would you think of someone like this?" Deleted for not using the reality check feature, even though that question couldn't have been answered with the reality check.

    "Does experimenting with dangerous things to see if they would kill you count as attempting suicide?" Deleted for (not) being offensive).

    "How often does your taste in men/women change? Deleted for (not) being sexually explicit.

    This is just the tip of the iceburg. I've have like 10x as many questioned.

    • I wanted to know if people thought of me as fat(I know they are annoying questions) because I have been told I look like 40lbs less than my actual weight. And every time I post Anything like that they get deleted every time for not using the reality check feature.

      But ya none of those questions you listed should have been deleted in my opinion. The admin must dislike you.

  • Personally, I tend to see a lot of stupid questions that I wish they would delete.

    • I agree, but I've also seen many harmless and clever questions deleted for no reason. They should make a way to contest having your posts deleted.

  • i have only had one question deleted so far and it wasn't anything I absolutely needed advice on so it wasn't that bad, have to say though it would kinda be funny if they delete this one

  • Well I have a super huge crush on one female moderator, and she can delete anything she wants and I wouldn't care. Haha.


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  • :)

    Definitely not a "bad" question. We just recommend that you post this in Reality Check. This is suggested to many of our users to keep the website easy to navigate and enjoyable to use.




  • I've never had a problem with my questions being deleted.

    • Ok...never mind. I just had a question deleted, because apparently you can find out what celebrity you look like in the reality check section (which isn't true by the way...)

    • Oh they tell me to use it all the time even though you never can

  • Anyone know how to delete your own questions?

    I want to know how to delete my own questions.

    • U can't delete your own but you can either ask them if they will or you could try to post really!innapprotiate updates and they may delete your question due to the inappropriate content.

  • I've never had a question deleted but a lot of the questions I answer are deleted and some for no reason I feel.