Do you have a crush on someone in GaG?

This is just for funπŸ˜‚

Anonymous comment is acceptable and if you dare, mention him/her😈

I used to have one but it was a long time ago so i won't mention him

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  • I had crush on one girl, but she already has a boyfriend and in a few months she is getting married to that guy. I have supressed my feelings and accepted the reality.😊

    • Well. Plenty of fish in the sea
      I pray you will find a better girl

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    • Im a nice gag fish who loves new friends

    • Nice! I am still cautious. I have created my own psychometric test for gagsπŸ˜‚
      1. What things do you like about gag?
      2. What kind of gag question has constantly annoyed you?
      3. What is it that you seek in a gag friendship?
      4. What things come to your mind first when you look at me?
      5. How long have you been on gags?
      6. Three countries where you would like to live in if given a chance?

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  • Pretty much


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