A good site, but... (?

So i've been a member of this awesome comunity for a couple of months now.
i've posted over a thousand replies and asked a dozen questions.
i've had the good fortune of meeting quite a few nice people here.

Now i've been wondering two small things.

1. Is this, Do you think its possible to start a friendship or even a relationship off of a site like this, after dealing with certain issues together?
(not wether or not its likely, but if it'd be possible)

2. This is probably mainly for the dutch comunity members, but do you know wether or not such a site exists in dutch?
since i'd be better meeting people like this, with meaningfull conversation, i suck at small talk.
(no really, i have a page long chat list of a dating site which wielded roughly 0 reply)
A good site, but....... (?


Most Helpful Girl

  • People are people, where you meet them has little to do with your ability to befriend them.

    • true, but would it be easier to form friendships over a site such as this, or would this just be a shallow sort of friendship?

    • Depends on the person, more than anything, I'd say. And on what you're comparing it to.
      I imagine "matching" on a topic of mutual interest would make starting a conversation easier than say photo hopping on Tinder or what'sitsface.

    • yeah, Tinder is a truly toxic place, filled with lies.
      (the app is fake as hell)

      but back on topic, its easier to find mutual intrests here i'd suppose, and since its an open platform it'd be quite easy to form a connection.

Most Helpful Guy

  • As per my knowledge there exist couple who met on GirlsAskGuys. In case of experience on GirlsAskGuys I have more experience. Posted 5000+ Opinions, 1200+ MHO + Editor of the Month November 2017.
    Check out here what is GirlsAskGuys in reality

    GirlsAskGuys is a digital community meant to close the gap between genders by bringing them together to help each other. Women and men discuss lifestyle issues such as dating, relationships, fashion, and health by sharing their experiences and opinions to help the opposite sex understand their own.

    There are three additional versions of GirlsAskGuys in other languages: KizlarSoruyor. com, a Turkish version launched in 2011; EllasSaben. com, a Spanish version launched in 2014, and then, most recently, in 2015 ElasSabem. com was created, a Portuguese version for Brazil.

    Since its inception, GirlsAskGuys has been featured on several outlets including Forbes, Huffington Post, Mashable, Business Journal. Killerstartups, CrunchBase, KSDK, and St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

    Who said it's for Dutch People only?

    It's not official data but as per my knowledge 50% Users are from United States and United Kingdom. Approximately 5 % belong to India.

    I had seen few GirlsAskGuys couples. Infact our Admins are real life couples. I don't know their story.

    • Hey man, sorry I took so long to reply, just a lotta text haha

      I completely agree and realize that the site is to bring the two genders together, which sort of raised my question in the first place.

      Here it truly is about the person behind the screen, which is the origin of my question.

      You get to know someone on a personal level, so that could cause some interest to spark.
      Where as actual “dating” apps are just senseless swiping

      I didn’t mean this was for Dutch people, I was wondering if anyone knew a site just like this one, but which is Dutch, so I potentially could meet dutch people this way.

      My experience and success with 2018’s age of swiping doesn’t cut it, I’m more at home in serious topics, actual conversations

      Ergo the second part of my question ^_^

      Thank you for your extensive answer
      And again, sorry for the late reply!

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What Girls Said 5

  • The answer in first one is yas
    the answered on second one... I don't know

  • YES!

  • Here text me since I want to talk further

  • Yeah relationships can happen

    • But do you think they happen under the circumstances that this website provides?

      Let’s say you have a question, one that truly is on your mind
      Someone helps you out tremendously
      Would it not be something that’d get in the way, since that other person already knows a big thing about you?

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    • It would/should not get in the way if you are a serious person, serious about a relationship.

    • i think there is always a secret, doenst have to be something huge but still.

      but i didn't really mean there would be a secret, but lets say you post a question that i answer to, i sorta have that on you (for the lack of better words)
      doesn't that sorta bother you if i'd have that on you, even though i'd tell stuff about myself aswell,

      and loads of things shouldn't get in the way if someone's serious about a relationship, but they do :P

  • No to both

    • why not? (just to the first)
      isn't it easier to to form a connection with someone because of the mutual interest in topics?

What Guys Said 2

  • 1. Yes, it has happened. Couples even have come to existence from here. Personally no, but that's down to me. I haven't bothered.
    2. Werkelijk geen enkel idee. Er zijn natuurlijk sites als fok enzo maar dat is met forums, dus wel anders. Ik neig naar een nee.

  • This excludes 4Chan


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